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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  • Eco-friendly Packaging

    Hi everyone! As promised we at Veg In A Box are making steps to become completely plastic free. Yesterday saw the arrival of our new eco-friendly bags and boxes! They’re completely made of recycled paper and are super strong, so they could be reused. The boxes are perfect for taking your lunch to work or even …

  • Pick Your Own

    We’ve recently introduced our new Pick Your Own section on the website to accompany our Butchers block.  The idea behind this is now not only can customers add extra meat and veg items to their pre-made boxes, but now they can effectively create their very own completely custom Meat and Veg Boxes from scratch! You …

  • Plastic Free

    Completely Plastic Free

    Plastic has become one of the most harmful materials to our environment. From polluting oceans and harming wildlife, to filling up landfills for decades without decomposing, this material is having devastating short term and long term effects on our planet. The main culprits are the companies producing these products. Plastic is cheap, economical, and easy to mould, so …

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