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Monthly Archives: March 2021

  • As Lockdown Lifts, Let’s Keep Shopping Local

    We’ve loved your support over the last year, folks. It’s been a pretty tough ol’ one hasn’t it? But it’s great to be able to bring you the best Devon has to offer, right to your door. As lockdown lifts, our local suppliers need your help more than ever to keep their lovely, small businesses thriving. Forget supermarket giants, let’s carry on eating fresh, …

  • Spring Brings Fresh Boxes 

    Spring is in the air and we’ve been watching our Devon fields come to life! We’re looking forward to all the local produce this season, but we know it’s hard for a lot of families at the mo. We’re not quite out of the woods yet. So, with this in mind, we’ve freshened up our boxes – making sure they’re as affordable as poss – …

  • The Easter Extravaganza Box is here!

    Everything you need for an Easter feast We’re all looking for a bit of pampering this Easter, so we’ve put together a box bursting with lots of delicious, local treats. Get ready for a well-deserved weekend of feasting with the family. The box is jam-packed with seasonal treats including spring veg and a classic Devon cream tea. We’ve included everything you need to cook up …

  • Meet Our New Producer: The Fresh Flour Company

    Flour makes the world go round Think fresh bread, spag bol, doughy pizzas and flaky pastries – flour is the key ingredient in many of our fave foods. It’s one of the top traded goods in the world, but the process of growing and producing grain has become horribly industrialised. Much of flour’s wonderfully natural, …

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