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Winter Vegetable Cobbler

Winter Vegetable Cobbler

WINTER VEGETABLE COBBLER This is quite an old-fashioned dish, a tasty way of using some root vegetables also you can make it without the cobbler if you wish, but to me that is the best bit.  Great served with any leftover meats or a standalone dish with perhaps a Jacket potato/Salad. INGREDIENTS 1 Large onion …

Versatile Mince Beef Base

Versatile Mince Beef Base I would like to show you how to make a “ragu” style mince beef base which you can then split and use in three different recipes making 12 portions from this one base mix. Consider making the ragu style base and then splitting it to make one large cottage pie and …

Easy Sausage in a Hole AKA Toady Sausage with Cheesy bubble and squeak

Easy Sausage in a Hole AKA Toady Sausage with Cheesy bubble and squeak. INGREDIENTS 8 Pork Sausages but if huge take 4 and cut them in half length ways and snip the links between them if joined together 4 eggs 800g Potatoes – peel and cut into equal sizes 2 large Carrots – peel and …

A couple ideas for some gorgeous chicken dishes!

Roast Chicken Dinner INGREDIENTS 1 X 2KG Large Chicken – do not wash and be careful not to touch the bird and then touch other things without washing your hands. 800g Potatoes – peel and cut into thick slices or Roastie size chunks 2 -3 Carrots – peel and cut into slices 1 large Parsnip …

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