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  • Chicken Legs Marengo

    There are many versions of this classic chicken stew nowadays. It’s thought to have been created by a chef to celebrate Napoleon’s victory at Marengo! For us it’s always been a staple dish, so we’d thought we’d share a recipe we have created with our chef/photographer buddy JP! Ingredients 4 chicken legs (drumsticks and thighs …

  • Low Carbon Footprint

    Some of you may have noticed the absence of our Low Carbon Footprint range of boxes from our online shop. This is no accident, it something that we’ve been planning for and even working towards for a while! Our goal for the past year has been to make it so that ALL of our boxes …

  • Thank You for your continued support!

    We just wanted to say a super huge massive THANK YOU to all of our wonderful customers for their support over the last couple months and for their continued support and unbelievable loyalty 🙂 seriously I am just in awe every day at how lovely our customers are and words can’t express how grateful I …

  • Why are my items in bags?

    We’ve had a couple customers ask us why we’ve wrapped some items in bags. It’s completely understandable and a perfectly reasonable question, usually all of our fruit and veg is completely free of any packaging. But given whats going on in the world at the moment there’s obviously is a reason for this. With the …

  • Update 10/04/20

    Wowzers… The last couple weeks have been so so busy, just an absolute blur! So I guess I should begin by saying a massive thank you to our wonderful team and our new members of staff for picking everything up so quickly and just generally being great! Of course, it goes without saying, the BIGGEST …

  • Update 01/04/20

    We hope everybody is managing alright during this weird and scary time ❤️ we’ve been working flat out for the last couple weeks now, making sure our goods are delivered on time to the families, elderly and vulnerable that need them. It’s great to see everybody working together and looking out for one another ❤️ Order wise, we’ve …

  • Update 25/03/20

    As things have been a bit crazy lately and we think it’s important for a business to be upfront and honest with it’s customers (especially with customers who are as lovely as ours!) I thought it would be a good idea to give a lil bit of an update as to what’s been going on …

  • Price Changes

    At Veg In A Box we pride ourselves on always being upfront and honest with our customers. If there are any changes to prices we think it’s your right as our loyal customers to know why. As of late we’ve seen demand in our service rise and broaden pretty rapidly. To be honest we were …

  • Order Hotline Now Open!

    We know that some of our lovely customers sometimes want to just give us a bell instead of ordering via the website, so it’s my pleasure to announce that the Veg In A Box order hotline is now officially open! Our friendly staff are waiting to take your order over the phone 7 days a …

  • Food Magazine Reader Awards Finalists!

    I know this might be old news but I’m still so chuffed! Again a huge thank you to all of our lovely friends/customers who took the time to vote for us! Can’t wait now, fingers and toes are crossed. Ooooooooh how exciting! Julie xxx

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