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Notice – With the current outbreak of COVID-19 we are required to wrap some items in plastic as a health and safety precaution. We apologise if this upsets some customers, we’re not thrilled about it either, but safety comes first. Of course we are trying to use the biodegradable bags as much as we can, but this is dependant on availability and stock.


Being aware of the usage of plastics in our business is something that we take VERY seriously. As always we aim to provide our lovely customers with complete transparency in regards to any aspect of our business. So we thought we fill you in on our current use of plastic at Veg In A Box:

Veg Boxes/Salad Boxes/Fruit Boxes

We make every effort to make sure our fruit & vegetables are free of plastic packaging where possible. Some items will be in plastic packaging due to health and safety/hygiene. A couple vigilant customers have pointed out that some produce in these boxes arrive in plastic bags, we would just like to clarify that these are in fact corn starch bags and are completely bio degradable. In regards to produce arriving to us we’ve stressed to our suppliers that we do not want it to arrive in the usual punnets and that we want it to arrive loose in recyclable/degradable containers.

Meat Boxes/Boxes that contain meat items

In regards to the meat packaging, food standards agency required us to, at the very least, have our meat vac packed to meet with hygiene regulations. We’ve completely done away with polystyrene trays, cling film or any unnecessary packaging. The vac pack bag that we use is recyclable, though we are actively speaking to our suppliers to make the switch to something completely bio degradable.

If you want more information, please contact us anytime for a chat. Or pop in and we’ll chuck the kettle on!

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