Change4Life Box


Change4Life is a initiative set up by the Department of Health which aims, among other things, to help families stop consuming so much sugar and to start eating more healthy by making small but significant changes to their diet. You can read more about it here.

We love this program and support it wholeheartedly, so much so we have created this wonderful meat, veg and fruit box designed around it’s guidelines!

Designed to feed a family for at least two weeks, it’s jam packed with super fresh local fruit, veg and salads so children can pick at the fruit bowls each day… instead of eating crisps! It also contains some wonderful berries, great to freeze and use a few each day on breakfast cereal! Not too mention some wonderful, lean meats from our award winning local butcher!


Our new Change4Life Box contains a huge fruit, veg and salad Box jam packed with the freshest goodies!

Plus a selection of wonderful locally sourced meats:

Topside of Beef, Loin of Pork (1.4kg) or Gammon Joint (1.5kg)

Pack of flavoured Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs (kids love these)

Whole Roasting Devon Chicken

Two Packs of Chicken Breast (Plain or flavoured in a lovely Gluten Free Marinade)

Extra large Pack of Butchers Sausages (10)

Pack of Extra Lean Meatballs

Pack of Extra Lean Minced Steak (2 x 500g)
Perfect for a good ol’ Spag Bol or Cottage Pie!

Lean Gluten Free Steak Burgers (6)

Flavoured Pork Loin Steaks or Plain (6)

Diced Chicken (500g)

Diced Beef (500g)

Free Range Eggs (12)

Bacon (8)

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