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The Freezer Filler Box


Created as a sister product to the ever popular Original Payday Box and the success of our Freezer Boxes, we’ve created this… The Freezer Filler Box!

Jam packed with succulent, premium locally sourced meats this box will definitely last the average family around a month. Like with it’s best selling sister product The Payday Box, our customers will buy the box then order a couple small produce boxes throughout the month to replenish the perishables, resulting in some pretty impressive savings for some amazing local and quality sourced meats and produce.

As always this will come with a beautiful big veg box which of course contains no plastic!

All of our local meat and produce is sourced via one of our wonderful local farmers/butchers.


The Freezer Filler Box contains:

The following meat items:

Joint of Topside Beef, Joint of Pork, Loin or Leg of Lamb

Large Local Whole Roasting Chicken

Pork Steaks, Gammon Steaks or Quickfry Steaks (4)

Chicken Breast (3 packs of 2) available in:
Garlic & Butter
Tangy Sweet Chilli
Chinese Char Sui
Sweet & Sour
Tikka Tandoori
Sticky BBQ
Lemon & Pepper
Thai 7 Spice

Diced Lean Beef

Chinn’s Sausages (2 packs) choose from the following:
Chinn’s Traditional Plain Pork Sausages (10)
Chinn’s Gluten Free Pork Sausages (8)
Chinn’s Pork Chipolatas (10)
Chinn’s Pork Gluten Free Chipolatas (10)
Veyseys Traditional Pork Sausages (10)

Diced Lean Pork or Diced Chicken Breast (500g)

Meatballs (12) or Lean Steak Mince (500g)

Gammon Ham (1kg) or a Seasoned Spatchcock Chicken

Best Back Bacon (2 packs of 16)

Rump Steaks (4 8oz) or Chicken Breast (4)

Stirfry Chicken, Beef or Pork Strips (500g)

Steak Burgers (6) or Diced Chicken

Pork Tenderloin, Medallions or Shin of Beef (600g)

Lamb Chops (4) or Shoulder of Pork (1kg)

Turkey Breast Steaks (3) or Seasoned Chicken Thighs (1kg)

Pork Lean Mince or Lean Mince Beef (500g)

Chinese Meaty Ribs, Seasoned Drumsticks or Diced Chicken Breast (500g)

Ham or Turkey Slices (8)

Local Free Range Eggs (10)

Then a big seasonal veg box:

Carrots (2 Bags)
Seasonal Squash

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