The Freezer Filler Box


Now available in Regular or HUGE!

Due to the huge success of our Freezer Boxes, we’ve created a new and even more affordable version… The Freezer Filler Box!

Jam packed with succulent, premium locally sourced meats this box will definitely last the average family a month to six weeks depending on size.

Also this changes week to week, you’ll always be trying something new! One week it could contain amazing fillet steaks and the next incredible cuts of lamb.

This will come with either a beautiful big veg box or a HUGE fruit, salad and veg box depending on what size your order.

You can also add a wonderful fruit box, filled with fresh yummy fruit.


The Freezer Filler Box is absolutely jam packed with amazing meats sourced from our butcher.

You can expect it to contain items like Steak, Sausages, Burgers, Extra Lean Mince, Chicken Breast, Flavoured Meats, Cuts of Beef, Lamb and Pork.

You will definitely try something new and there will definitely always be something for everyone!

All meat is premium quality and sourced directly from our wonderful award winning butcher Veyseys of Cullompton.

Our Standard Freezer Filler Box is designed to last an average family a month.
This includes a beautiful big veg box.

Our Huge Freezer Filler Box is designed to last an average family at least six weeks.
This includes a huge fruit, salad and veg box, 12 local eggs and an amazing Free stuffing mix.

You can also add a big fruit box, filled with juicy fresh local fruit.

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