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Greengage Plums


Lovely Greengage Plums. The Greengage plum is deceptive in its looks, perhaps suggesting sour flavours with its unripe shades of mottled green and a taste similar to that of a tart granny smith apple.  They are a relatively small plum and depending upon variety can range from pale yellow-green to bright lime with rusty red speckling on their exterior. The amber coloured inner flesh is dense and juicy with a tender yet firm texture, bursting with syrup-like juices. The Greengage’s flavour is the perfect balance of candy-like sweetness and subtle acidity offering notes of honey, dried apricot, ripe mango and citrus marmalade.

Quality sourced by us personally to ensure freshness. As always all fruit, veg & salad is completely plastic free!

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Greengage Plums (1kg)

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