Hummingbird Hawk Organic Box (Large)


Our 100% completely Organic Fruit & Veg Boxes are created in collaboration with award winning local retailer and long time friends Shillingford Organics. Named after the lovely butterflies and moths we always see when we go out to visit Shillingford, our Organic Fruit & Veg Boxes are truly a labour of love!

The aim of these boxes is quite simple: to be bigger and better value than the larger competitor… And we are confident that they are just that!

Currently we have three boxes available: The Holly Blue and Gatekeeper (Medium) and The Hummingbird Hawk (Large)

Our Organic Boxes are available for delivery every Wednesday,  you must make sure to order by the Saturday before to guarantee delivery.

Please select the next available Wednesday on the Delivery Date calendar below.

The Hummingbird Hawk Organic Box Contains:

17 beautiful 100% Organic items sourced from Shillingford Organics.

Apples (UK) – 1kg
Bananas (Dom) – 1kg
Beetroot (SO) – 700g
Carrots (SO) -1kg
Chard Mixed (SO) – 250g
Kalettes (SO) – 250g
Leeks (SO) 700g
Onions Mixed (SO) – 550g
Mushrooms (UK) – 300g
Pears (UK) 500g
Pineapple (TG) 1
Potatoes (SO) 2kg
Pie Pumpkin (SO) 1kg
Salad (SO) – 120g
Spinach (SO) – 300g
Stir Fry Bag (SO) 150g
Tomatoes Cherry (ES) – 250g

All items are subject to change depending on demand.

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