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Meat For The Month Box


Sort out the family for a whole month with our amazing Meat For The Month Box!

This box really is HUGE! Everything is sourced locally and hand selected by us personally to ensure that you get the very best.


Our Meat For The Month Box contains:

Joint of Beef (Approx 1.4kg), Joint of Pork (Approx 1.4kg), Joint of Gammon (Approx 1.4kg), Whole Chicken (Approx 2kg Frozen) or a Leg of Lamb (Approx 1.4kg)

Local Chicken Breast (3 packs of 3)

Lean Minced Steak (2 500g packs)

Choose one of the following:
Chinn’s Traditional Plain Pork Sausages (10), Chinn’s Gluten Free Pork Sausages (8), Chinn’s Chipolatas (10), Chinn’s Gluten free Chipolatas (10), Veyseys Traditional Pork Sausages (10)

Diced Chicken Breast (2 500g packs)

Stirfry Beef Fajitas Strips (500g)

Gluten Free Steak Burgers (6)

Pork Loin Steaks or Char Siu Pork Loin Steaks (4)

Juicy Rump Steaks (2 8oz)

Seasoned Chicken Thighs (1kg)

Diced Beef (2 500g packs)

Best Back Bacon (16 Rashers)

Diced Pork (500g)

Meatballs (12 frozen)

Gammon Steaks or Peppered Quick Fry Steaks (4)

Whole Large Roasting Chicken (Approx 2kg +)

Chipolatas (10 Frozen)

Local Free Range Eggs (12)

Free Stew Pack

Plus some lovely locally sourced veggies including:









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