The Medium Budgeting Box


Our budgeting box scheme is a new initiative to help families get the finest, quality sourced produce on a budget that is far more realistic than some of our competitors.

These budgeting boxes are carefully hand selected by us and in our opinion, contain everything a family could need. They also vary from week to week!

But, if you’re not happy with the current contents of the boxes we are happy to create a custom budgeting box completely tailored to you and your own personal budget. Just get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to give you exactly what you need.


The latest Medium Budgeting Box:


Contains a HUGE selection of the freshest local fruits, veggies and salad.


Choose 5 of from the following:

Flavoured Chicken Breast (500g)

Plain Chicken Breast (500g)

Flavoured Chicken Thighs (1kg)

Favoured Chicken Drumsticks (1kg)

Diced Chicken breast (500g)

Moo Mami Steaks (4)

Flavoured Pork Steaks (4)

Plain Pork Steaks (4)

Stirfry Beef Strips (500g)

Stirfry Chicken Strips (500g)

Extra Lean Steak Burgers (4 Frozen)

Extra Lean Steak Meatballs (12 Frozen)

Faggots (4)

Beautiful flavoured Meaty Ribs

Minced Lamb (Approx 454g)

Minced Steak (500g)

Gaucho Quickfry Steaks (4)

Chicken Escalopes

Pork Escalopes

Gammon Steaks

Diced Beef (500g)

Diced Pork (500g)

Diced Lamb (Approx 454g)

Local Sausages (10)

Butchers best Bacon (16 rashers)

Plus Six local free range Eggs!

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