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Roo’s Kitchen Vegan Ready Meals


Gorgeous Vegan ready meals from the wonderful Roo’s kitchen! We have been totally blown away by these, incredible.
Will not disappoint!

(Approx 500g)


Available in 6 varieties:

Mac and cheese: Macaroni, in a vegetable based healthy cheese sauce. Made with roasted carrots parsnips, smoked paprika and topped with fresh herbs.

Lasagne: Layers of lentil ragu. Topped with a healthy vegetable cheese sauce and homemade pesto.

VBalls: Homemade soft meatballs with a slow cooked ragu. Topped with plenty of fresh sage. Served with a garlic and herb simple mash.

Sos casserole: homemade potato based sausages. With a kidney bean slow cooked casserole. With added onions and garlic and fresh herbs. Served with roasted vegetables, cumin seeds and smoked paprika.

Vegetable stroganoff: chickpeas, roasted carrots and beautiful mushrooms. Tossed in a creamy coconut sauce. Served with boiled rice. And topped with fresh herbs.

Lentil Cottage Pie: lentil, and coconut filling. Topped with beautiful herby carrot and potato mash.

(Approx 500g)

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