Slimming World Friendly Box


We at Veg in a Box are huge fans of Slimming World, so we decided to create the perfect box to accompany their diet plans!

Ladies and gentlemen, The Slimming World Friendly Box!

Everything is sourced from lovely local farms and producers and as always everything is hand selected by us personally.


Our amazing Slimming World friendly box contains a HUGE mixed fruit, veg and salad selection.

This is a HUGE selection of slimming world favourites from the free food range, expect tons of beautiful seasonal fresh fruit, veg, salad and berries!
Then Meat Items,

choose four!

Extra lean Minced Beef (500g)

Minced Pork (500g)

Chicken Breast Skinless and BonelessĀ (1 Pack)

Pork Loin SteaksĀ (1 Pack)

Diced Beef (500g)

Diced lamb (400g)

Diced Pork (500g)

Gluten Free Sausages (10)

Two packs of Bacon Extra Thick (Approx 16 or more rashers)

Gammon Steaks (1 Pack)

Rump Steaks (2 x 7oz)


Free Range Eggs Free on Slimming World Plan Too! So we are giving you 12 Eggs ? From Blackdog Farm Crediton!

And much more!



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