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Strassberries & Pineberries

We’ve been waited patiently for these little beauties for what seems like forever! Finally here they are, absolutely wonderful Strassberries & Pineberries!

The juicy and sweet fruits are a taste sensation – just like strawberries but with the flavour of pineapple.

A breakthrough in breeding has created this amazing new fruit. It looks like a strawberry, but it tastes like a cross between a strawberry and a raspberry…your taste buds wont believe it!

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The appearance of the strassberry resembles a raspberry because of its deep lying seeds and its dark red colour. This fruit is not a combination of both, but a strawberry variety. It tastes sweet.



The pineapple strawberry is a slightly smaller variety than the ordinary strawberry. This white to light pink strawberry thanks its name to the fresh sweet taste similar to the flavour of a pineapple.

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