Super Saver Box


The Super Saver was created with one clear objective in mind: to help you save all whilst having the best and freshest local and quality sourced produce. Now you might think that goal is a similar to some of our other boxes. The difference between the Super Saver Box and say for example our Large Budgeting Box or Fortnightly Budgeting Boxes is that it might be slightly smaller BUT is the best value for money that we could possibly offer.

Expect tons of fabulous local & quality sourced meats, fruit & veg and not to break the bank while doing so.

To be completely honest I think this might be the best value for money Meat & Veg Box we’ve ever put together, no joke!



Our Super Saver Box contains:

A choice of local sourced bird or joint, choose from the following:
Large Roasting Chicken (Approx 2kg), Pork Joint (1.3kg), Gammon Joint (Approx  1.5 kg), Beef Joint (Approx 1.3kg) or if you don’t fancy a bird or joint you can opt for Rump Steaks (2), Ribeye Steaks (2) or a pack of Local Chicken Breast and pack of Extra Lean Mince combo

Chinn’s Traditional Plain Pork Sausages (10), Chinn’s Gluten Free Pork Sausages (8), Chinn’s Pork & Apple Sausages (10), Chinn’s Pork & Leek Sausages (10), Chinn’s Cumberland Sausages (10), Chinn’s Pork & Cracked Black Pepper Sausages (10), Chinn’s Pork & Red Onion Sausages (10), Chinn’s Pork & Honey Sausages (10), Chinn’s Pork & Chive Sausages (10), Chinn’s Spanish Style Chorizo Sausages (10), Chinn’s Pork & Westcountry Cider Sausages (10), Chinn’s Chipolatas (2 packs of 12), Chinn’s Gluten free Chipolatas (12), Chunk of Devon Family Chicken Leek & Bacon Pie, Chunk of Devon Family Steak & Ale Pie, Chunk of Devon Family Chicken & Mushroom Pie, Chunk of Devon Homity Pie, Chunk of Devon Steak & Kidney Pie, Roasted Vegetable Quiche (1),Homity Quiche (1),Broccoli & Cauliflower Cheese Quiche (1), Quiche Lorraine Quiche (1)

Diced Beef (Approx 454g) or Diced Pork (Approx 454g)

Meatballs (12 Frozen), Local Chicken Breast (pack of 2), Garlic Butter Chicken Breast (pack of 2), Sweet Chilli Chicken Breast (pack of 2), Tikka Chicken Breast (pack of 2), Seasoned Chicken Drumsticks (1kg) or Jumbo Fish Fingers (8)

Diced Chicken Breast (Approx 454g), Garlic & Herb Diced Chicken Breast (Approx 454g), Char Siu Diced Chicken Breast (Approx 454g), Sweet & Sour Diced Chicken Breast (Approx 454g), Seasoned Diced Chicken Breast (Approx 500g), Stirfry Chicken Strips (Approx 500g), Stirfry Beef Strips (Approx 500g), Garlic Butter Chicken Breast (pack of 2), Chinese Meaty Ribs

Pork Steaks, Chinese Pork Loin Steaks (4), Gammon Steaks, Butchers Steak Burgers (4 Frozen), Peppered Minute Steaks (4), Seasoned Chicken Thighs (Approx 1kg), Garlic Butter Chicken Breast (pack of 2) or Jumbo Fish Fingers (8)

Butchers best Bacon (8 rashers)

Mince Steak ( Approx 454g)

Block Of Taw Valley Tasty (300g)

Local free range Eggs (12)


Sweet Potatoes (4)

Jacket Potatoes (4)








Peppers (2)

Parsnips (2)


Red & white onions

Little gems or mixed baby leaf (Depending on availability)

Cherry toms

Large Tomatoes


Courgettes (2)





Blood oranges (4)

Plums (4)

Medley of apples (8)

Bananas (6)


Peaches (3)

Kiwi (5)

Satsumas (7)

Pears (5)

Grapes or Blueberries

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