The Low Carbon Footprint Fridge Filler Box


Here at Veg In A Box, we go to extreme lengths to make sure that we can always support local. But, sadly there are some products that we have to go further afield for, there’s no getting around that (believe me we’ve tried!) Also, we have always gone the extra mile to make sure that our carbon footprint is low across everything that we do.

But that got me thinking, what if we create a box that has the minimum footprint possible?! And this is what we came up with!

Everything is sourced and gathered from as close to home as possible, there is nothing that has travelled a long distance.

You cannot get any more local than this!

As always our veg boxes are completely plastic free, but some of our meat items will have a tiny amount of plastic packaging to meet the necessary regulations.



The Low Carbon Footprint Fridge Filler Box contains:

Block of Local Taw Valley Cheese
Local Large Free Range Eggs (10)

Local Organic Milk (4 Litres why not pop some in the freezer?! Available in Semi-skimmed & Whole)

Gorgeous Local Bread choose from:
Sourdough Cob
MaltHouse Granary
White Bloomer
Seedy Batch Loaf
Tiger Small Batch Loaf

Local Devon Bacon (8 Rashers)

Block of Local Butter from Maryland ( Plastic Free Packaging)

Pack of Local Traditional Sausages from Kenniford Farm (8)

Local Devon Ham (5 Slices)





Cherry Toms

Bunched Onions

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